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Although graphic design is a big part of who I am professionally, there's an old, timeless love that's been my partner since I can remember: Creative Illustration. Nothing better to keep the creative juices flowing than to allow the mind to travel free through unknown realms of creation. Experimenting with different techniques, materials and textures is what keeps my inner child alive and happy, and it's the feeling of wonder and exploration that I try to convey with my artwork. I’m really into creating characters with crazy proportioned human figures. Although my target markets are publicity, editorial and product, wherever there’s a need for flowy, curvy and long people, I’ll be there! 

After 7 years working as a full-time graphic designer for a few companies, I decided to embrace the freelance/entrepreneur life. It was 2019 when I made this decision and I feel it only brought me closer to my clients needs and perspectives. Not only did my creativity and technical skills increased, since I am involved in a wider variety of projects and styles, but also my empathy for small/medium size companies in which owners are still wearing many hats, like myself. My wish is to use my abilities to provide a design service that is not only good looking, but marketing-based, efficient and cohesive. The difference between design as an investment or an expense is how well strategised it is.