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Hello, I’m Aline Karlovic.
I thoughtfully design creative brands for toy startups

"High quality, attention to detail, delivery on time, creation and technical capabilities (image and video), comprehension and accuracy on brand creation and application, suggestion of alternative paths and production possibilities. Above all, an artist with no emotional attachment – what matters is the strategic execution. I love working with Aline, during our interactions she's always up to the task, proactive and in a good mood."

Murillo Vianna

Co-Founder at SetYou

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Hi, my name is

Aline Karlovic

I am a very curious brand identity designer from Brazil with over 9 years of experience. I have a deep passion for learning and I believe that every skill and area of knowledge we acquire, no matter how diverse they may seem, can be intertwined and interconnected. This broadens our perspective of the world and fuels our creativity, enabling us to delve further and deeper into our pursuits.

In 2011, I graduated in product design from FAAP and embarked on a career as a furniture designer for two years. Following that, I honed my craft in a woodshop specializing in crafting wooden glasses. I also showcased my artistic abilities in a few exhibitions, exploring the realm of fine art. Alongside these endeavors, I have devoted time to studying illustration, music, and psychology. By combining these diverse experiences, I strive to create soulful and meaningful brand systems.

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