I can help you with those! But you know one thing that could attend all those needs at once? 

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More specifically, brand character. Finding your character allows you to have a guide to all your communication efforts grounded on market & user research.


In today’s marketplace customers perceive less and less real differences between products, which increases the value of brand semantics and storytelling.

"People don't remember logos, they remember brands"

Lineo Kakole - Brand Strategist


Murillo Vianna

Co-Founder at SetYou

"High quality, attention to detail, delivery on time, creation and technical capabilities (image and video), comprehension and accuracy on brand creation and application, suggestion of alternative paths and production possibilities. Above all, an artist with no emotional attachment – what matters is the strategic execution. I love working with Aline, during our interactions she's always up to the task, proactive and in a good mood."


We currently search for the opinion and approval of other users and influencers which we feel connected with.


A faithful audience is your best marketing tool, and the best way to fidelize a group of consumers is through your positioning – shared values between your brand and the consumer.


The wider and more diverse your target audience is, the more diluted are your marketing efforts. The more focused it is, the quicker it tends to grow.

Branding is a system that guides the way you’ll influence the public perception on your brand, a logo is only a small part of that.

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Posted by Jacob Cass (@justcreative)

Adapated from Brand Master Secrets



After working 7 years as a full-time graphic designer for a few US-based companies, I decided to embrace the freelance and entrepreneur life in 2019. Not only I am involved in a wider variety of projects and styles, but I feel it brought me closer to my clients needs and perspectives. I can better empathise with startups, small and medium size company owners who are still wearing many hats (just like myself). My wish is to use my abilities to provide a design service that is not only good looking, but marketing based, efficient and cohesive.

The difference between design as an investment or an expense is how well strategised it is.