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Bridge Research

This research institute needed a layout that matched their client visual identity with easy, attractive and editable data visualization.


  • Identity System

  • Colors and Fonts

  • Data visualization

  • Slide deck design


Asset 8_2x.png


Asset 9_2x.png
Asset 2_2x.png


A logo fit for gin lovers. The main customer touchpoint is their Instagram profile, so we worked on a memorable logo that is recognizable in small scales and that carries the signature symbols from the gin world.


  • Logo design

  • Logo animation

Asset 10_2x.png
Asset 2_2x.png

Pharmaceutical Researcher*

Not everything needs to be a full rebrand, sometimes you just need to freshen up the looks a little bit...

Below you can see the brand update project I did for a biotech company from US.

*name won't be displayed by client request


  • Website images update

  • Pitch deck update

  • Business Cards

  • Cientific Illustration


Asset 41_1_edited_edited_edited.png
MacBook Pro 16.png

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Asset 41_1.5x.png



Asset 42_1.5x.png
Asset 43_1.5x.png


Asset 37_1.5x.png
Asset 39_1.5x.png
Asset 38_1.5x.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 13.33.11.png
Serpin_Business Cards_Mockup_Option 01.jpg
Asset 2_2x.png
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